Runaways London

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Born out of Prof. Simon Newman's web profile’s work on Runaways Slaves in Britain, comes an ambitious project, Runaways London, that focuses on Black fugitivity and resisting enslavement in London during the 17th and 18th centuries. Underpinned by the historical research of Prof. Simon Newman and Dr. Peggy Brunache's web profile, Runaways’ poets Abena EssahGboyega OdubanjoOluwaseun OlayiwolaMomtaza Mehri and Memoona Zahid, and artists Tasia Graham and Olivia Twist delve into the archival silences that sought to marginalize or erase the experiences of enslaved and labour-bound Africans and South Asians to imagine and flesh out dynamic and complex lives for those freedom-seekers.

Spread the word and Ink, Sweat, & Tears alongside Newman and Brunache have bound these talented London creatives’ work into an anthology for purchase and freely accessible teaching resource packets for schools.