Data & System Monitoring

Workstrand 3

Leads - Nik Lomax                                        Alison Heppenstall

 Nik Lomax Headshot Alison Heppenstall Headshot

What is this workstrand about?

Workstrand 3 is focused on getting data into the models that SIPHER is using.

The main tasks of Workstrand 3 are centered on:

  • Identifying relevant data and obtaining access to data for use by SIPHER;
  • Looking after the data, ensuring it is managed and stored securely in line with GDPR principles and our data sharing agreements with policy partners
  • Ensuring data is of good quality and linking it to other data sets where appropriate; and,
  • Creating “synthetic populations” by combining policy partner data with publicly available datasets. The computer simulated “artificial” population of Sheffield, Greater Manchester, and of Scotland were created to reflect as many of the key attributes of the real population as possible.

Workstrand Activities

Workstrand 3 has established an infrastructure for procuring and storing data required by the SIPHER Consortium.

It has produce attribute rich synthetic datasets with variables that are of particular interest for partner organisations. The SIPHER Synthetic Population represents all the characteristics and relationships within real data sets but maintain individual anonymity.