Management Group formed

We are pleased to announce the formation of the SECURE Management Group.  It will oversee all aspects of the SECURE network.  With the network comprising of academics, environmental agencies, research institutes and international partners the composition of the management group reflects this involvement.  The group held its first meeting on the 14th May.  Subsequent meetings were held on the 12th August, 2015 and the 15th January, 2016.

The Management group of SECURE was formed in March, 2015.  

Management Group Members

Members are:

Chairperson: Professor Marian Scott OBE, Professor of Environmental Statistics in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at University of Glasgow.  Marian is the Principal investigator for the SECURE network and holds a personal chair in Environmental Statistics. Her research interests comprise non-parametric regression, time series analysis, and varying-coefficient models ,spatial data analysis, uncertainty and sensitivity analysis.  

Professor Susan Waldron: Susan is the Co-Investigator for the SECURE network.  Susan holds a personal chair in biogeochemistry in the School of Geographical & Earth Sciences at the University of Glasgow.  She has a longstanding interest in carbon cycling, particularly in environments subject to change either naturally or anthropogenically.  More about her research can be found on

Professor Jonathan Tawn: Professor Tawn is Professor of Statistics at Lancaster University.  Professor Tawn's research expertise is in extreme value theory, methods and its applications.  His research is being driven by new problems arising from applications such as oceanography, hydrology, climatology, reliability, economics, reinsurance, finance, medicine and sport.

Mrs Yolanda Clewlow:  Yolanda is the Health Development Officer at the Met Office.  Yolanda has a background in the NHS and came to the Met office 6 years ago to explore ways to strengthen realtionships with the health sector.  She manages all health research projects and services at the Met office and is particularly interested in exploring links between weather, climate and health. 

Dr Mark Hallard:  Mark is the Environmental and Spatial Informatics Unit Manager at the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency.  Mark's team is focused on providing the agency with expert environmental data analysis and modelling capability, and developing online tools which allow a range of users to explore complex environmental data.

Dr Gillian Brown:   Gillian is the Project administrator for SECURE. Gillian took up this post in February 2015 just after the Network was formed.  Previously she worked in the R&D department of the NHS working on Commercial Research contracts, and before that as Director of Coaching and Development for BadmintonScotland.    

First published: 30 March 2015

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