SECURE Grand Challenge Feasibility Call

Six Grand Challenge Feasibility Projects funded

Following the Grand Challenge event on the 23rd May, 2017 there was a  Grand Challenge Feasibility Call.  This is now closed.  The conditions are slightly different to the first two calls with the maximum allocated per project being 15K as opposed to 25K and the duration being 4 months instead of 6.

Six Grand Challenge Projects were funded.

The guideline documents have now been updated for the Grand Challenge Call and can be viewed via the links on the right.  

  • The Guidance document will give you details on the criteria under which your application will be reviewed

SECURE funded five more feasibility projects on its second Project Feasibility call.  Progress of indiviual projects can be tracked via navigation on the left.

First call projects are numbered 1-5, and second call a-e.

Successful applicants should refer to the documents (reached by the links on the right) for information on each stage of the process;

The reporting document details when the various reports are due and the content and length required.

Projects from the first call.

In the first call in May 2015 five projects were funded - May 2015 Successful Feasibility projects.

Final reports from some of these projects are now available reached by left hand navigation.