Fundamentals of Quantum Science and Algorithm Development

Although the origins of quantum science go back over 100 years it is only recently that a multitude of practical applications have become possible. Yet quantum physics still poses fundamental questions to our collective scientific understanding. For example, we seek to understand the links between quantum science and general relativity, how encryption and security will benefit from high-dimensional state spaces and the interface between quantum uncertainly and machine learning.

Active areas of research in the Centre include:

Data Verification: using quantum protocols to verify data security and sensor authenticity.

Quantum Mechanics in Accelerating Frames: using rotational effects to probe quantum behaviours in non-traditional realms, superluminal and accelerating frames.

High-dimensional Spaces: using spatial-states to extend alphabets for better quantum encryption and more efficient processing.

Cold Atoms for Fundamental Physics: using cold atoms for quantum memory, sensing elements and optical frequency conversion.

Algorithm Development: exploring the interface between quantum superposition and machine learning to both find the optimum configuration of neural networks and make decisions based upon quantum data in a classical world.