• February 2019 - John Perry RIP
    • John Perry was Former Chief Aerodynamicist at Westlands and leader of the aerodynamic development of the BERP blade and a chief aerodynamicist in the record-breaking Lynx helicopter programme (1986). The rotorcraft community has lost a giant of helicopter aerodynamics. More news to follow.
  • December 2018 - MENtOR Success!
    • A consoritum of six universities in the UKVLN is successful in being awarded a £3.5M EPSRC Standard Research grant. MENtOR is aiming to develop and validate methods and tools that can be used for the design and analysis of the next-generation rotorcraft. In addition to research tasks, the grant will be used to fund the ongoing dissemination activities of the UKVLN. See Recently Funded Research for more details.