Recent Alumni

  • Dr Angela Ianniciello
  • Dr Zuzana Brabcova
  • Dr Amy Dawson
  • Dr Lucie De Beauchamp
  • Dr Ryna Hanifi
  • Dr Pablo Baquero

Dr. Maria Karvela
PhD graduate in 2013. Went on to postdoctoral studies with Stephen Tait at the Beatson Institute for Cancer Research; Mitochondria and Cell Death.

Dr. Ashley Hamilton
PhD graduate in 2011. Currently a Post-doctoral Research Fellow at London Research Institute (LRI) with Dominique Bonnet; Haematopoietic Stem Cell Team.

Charles MacKay
Master graduate in 2012. Currently a PhD candidate at the Kings College London studying Tyrosine Kinase and Oxidative Signalling in Smooth Muscle.

Neha M Sahasrabudhe
Master graduate in 2011. Currently a PhD candidate at the University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG), University of Groningen (RUG) studying Immunomodulatory effects of carbohydrate fibers.

External Collaborators

  • Aaron Schimmer - University of Toronto
  • Barbara Saxty - LifeArc, UK
  • Brian Huntly - University of Cambridge 
  • Erin Keaney - Novartis, USA 
  • Eyal Gottlieb - Technion, Haifa
  • Paolo Gallipoli - University of Cambridge  
  • Ravi Amaravadi University of Pennsilvanya