Media coverage

Our paper "Arginine dependency is a therapeutically exploitable vulnerability in chronic myeloid leukaemic stem cells" in EMBO Reports also featured as the front cover art (

The paper, “Targeting mitochondrial oxidative phosphorylation eradicates therapy-resistant chronic myeloid leukemic stem cells” (published in Nature Medicine), received local and national press coverage as follows University of Glasgow press release:

University of Glasgow Social Media clip: UofG research may hold the key to eradicating chronic myeloid leukaemia.

The Times - 19/09/2017: Leukaemia cure breakthrough with treatment for pneumonia

The Scotsman - 19/09/2017: The prospect of a cure for one of the most common forms of leukaemia has been raised by Scottish scientists/Scottish scientists hail drug as potential cure for leukaemia - 18/09/2017: An antibiotic used to treat pneumonia has been hailed as a potential new cure for leukaemia. Antibiotic drug hailed as potential cure for leukaemia by killing off cancerous stem cells

Central 103.1 FM - 19/09/2017 12:01:02 (Radio Interview): A new study by the University of Glasgow has suggested an antibiotic could be used in future to eradicate leukaemia cells in patients. Includes interview with Dr Vignir Helgason.

Public engagement

We are well aware of the importance of engagement with end users and external bodies. Through fundraising/public engagement events, we provide knowledge to patient groups/charities, which will help raise awareness of the disease. We are active members of a fundraising committee and manage Helgason Lab social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter).

In terms of research dissemination in relation to our recent paper published in Nature Medicine: University of Glasgow had a press release and a unique video was made for social media. On Twitter, it was viewed ~10.000 times and seen by >40.000 people. On Instagram, the story received 7344 views on the first slide. On Facebook, the video received >37.000 views and was shared >420 times.