Who We Are

There are many citizen sciences projects that use citizen’s records on presence and absence of species to learn more about a species’ distribution and abundance. Here we aim to use citizen’s science to map out spatial variation in a species’ behaviour. We are entirely independent of any funders and interest groups and aim to provide a case study that we can collect behavioural data on a large scale using simple free-to-use technologies to learn what a future dedicated system for behavioural records ideally would require.

Dr Katherine Herborn - Plymouth University

Katherine Herborn portraitI am a behavioural ecologist/applied ethologist at Plymouth University, interested in developing methods to score behaviour, stress and emotional state in animals. In chickens, I use thermal imaging, acoustic monitoring and video analysis as non-invasive, animal-centred tools for assessing welfare. In wild birds, I apply the same techniques to instead explore life history trade-offs between individuals with different behavioural/thermal strategies

Dr Alexander Wilson - Plymouth University

Alexander Wilson portraitI am a Lecturer in Behavioural Ecology at Plymouth University's School of Biological and Marine Sciences (Faculty of Science and Engineering) and as well as being the programme leader for Zoology.

Dr Ruedi Nager - University of Glasgow

Ruedi Nager portraitI am Senior Lecturer  with the Institute of Biodiversity Animal Health & Comparative Medicine at the University of Glasgow and also Associate at School of Life Sciences there.
My research interests focus on how organisms cope with the environment in which they live. The current work centres on marine (seabirds) and oak forest habitats (blue tits) as well as the environment animals encounter in captivity.