The App and the Survey

We would love if you could take part in our Gulls Eye Project. You can help in two ways

First, we would like to hear about your own feelings about newspaper headlines and images relating to gulls and if you please could take part in our short survey (7 minutes) that would be fantastic. You would start with the survey. After completing the survey, start using the Epicollect5 App (see below) to record sightings of gulls that you encounter. The first survey will ask for your email address which is only to send you a short (5 minute) follow-up survey after 7 days and then your email will be permanently deleted – it will not be shared or retained.

Second, please report your gull observations through The Gulls Eye App. Our App is hosted by Epicollect5, a mobile & web application for free and easy data collection. Epicollect5 is a research tool financially supported by the Wellcome Trust Foundation implementing open source technologies and 100% free to use. Data are collected (including GPS) and all data can be viewed by the public on a central server (via map and tables).

Please download the Epicollect5 App from Google Play / App store.

 google play button app store button

Open the App and click +Add Project and search for The Gulls Eye Project.

To record an observation in the App click +Add entry. When finished click the green bar ‘Save entry’ and then upload the data by clicking on the cloud symbol with the upward arrow.

By taking part, you will help us to develop a new method to monitor UK-wide patterns in gull behaviour, and to understand why perspectives on gulls vary around the UK.