Project Partners

Migration Scotland

COSLA’s Migration, Population and Diversity team has responsibility for policy issues relating to migration to Scotland in all its forms (including asylum seekers and refugees), human trafficking, population and demographic change, and also provides oversight of equality and human rights issues.

COSLA Strategic Migration Partnership (CSMP) is a function of the Migration, Population and Diversity team.  It is one of a number of local authority-led Strategic Migration Partnerships based across the UK and works with partners from across the public, private and voluntary sector as a means of ensuring that Scotland is a welcoming place for new migrants.  Our key partners include Scottish local authorities, the Home Office, the Scottish Government and a host of other stakeholders with an interest in migration issues in Scotland.

Angus Council

In Angus we are committed to providing a welcome to our Eastern European workers, whether on a seasonal or more permanent basis. Our agricultural sector in particular relies heavily on Eastern European seasonal workers. We involve and listen to what we can do for workers and their families to try and ensure that they are well treated, safe and integrated into the local community.

Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG) in Scotland 

CPAG in Scotland was established in 1999 and works to raise awareness of the devastating impact poverty has on children in Scotland, maximise families’ incomes by helping to ensure those eligible for benefits and tax credits receive their full entitlements and campaign for positive policy changes to end that poverty.


PKAVS Minority Communities Hub is a department of Perth and Kinross Association of Voluntary Service (PKAVS) was established in 2010 as a multi-agency initiative to support ethnic minority communities in Perth & Kinross. Hub delivers services in community engagement, ESOL, volunteering, financial and mental wellbeing, and is widely recognised in Scotland as an inspirational project in its field.

Minority Communities Hub manager also support organisations in other parts of Scotland through sharing his experience and use some of knowledge and expertise to enhance their community engagement, partnership working, and development of appropriately targeted services


Modo works with young people across Aberdeenshire delivering one off circus skills workshops, long term programmes and large scale community extravaganzas.

Working closely with partners, Modo provides young people with positive, progressive and accredited activities, and contributes widely to providing positive pathways for young people.

Grampian Regional Equality Council Ltd.

At the end of 1970s, Aberdeen welcomed Vietnamese families made refugees by the war in their country. It was realised that a support network was needed and committee made up of volunteers, representatives from local authorities and other agencies was set up. Over time, Grampian Community Relations Council came into being, grew into Grampian Racial Equality Council and is now Grampian Regional Equality Council Ltd.

During its history, the organisation has led the way in promoting and championing equality and diversity in the North East of Scotland, and its mission is to work with others to ensure that everyone is valued for who they are and is able to contribute with encouragement, and without fear of discrimination or unfair treatment.

Dundee and Angus College