Aims and Scope

  • Over the course of the project we will examine the ways in which migrants' experiences and perspectives on 'social security' affect their longer term intentions regarding settlement in Scotland, whether this is a decision to stay, or a decision to move elsewhere.
  • The project seeks to explore the ways in which migrants deal with everyday risks including those associated with migration and settlement and the processes by which they are able to make themselves socially, economically, personally and culturally secure in a new environment.
  • Through a long-term and deep engagement with migrant communities, the project will deliver significant new and original empirical data. It will also focus on practical outcomes and policy relevance, in particular during a participatory action research (PAR) phase.
  • The project will pay attention to various forms of diversity, both in terms of the migrants themselves and their location in Scotland.
  • The research will be conducted in four locations across Scotland, two urban (Aberdeen and Glasgow) and two rural (Aberdeenshire and Angus).