GRAMNet/CEES Collaborative Masters 2010-11 pilot scheme

In 2010-11, 12 collaborative projects were developed with a range of public and third sector organisations and 6 were successfully matched with masters students studying on the MSc in Russian and on the MSc in Equalities and Human Rights (both courses administered through CEES in the School of Social & Political Sciences

The matched projects in 2010/11 are as follows.  To see the outputs of the projects, click on the highlighted links:

Project Title Project Partner

Russian Language Teaching in Scottish Schools
John Boyle

Scotland Russia Forum

Social and Economic Integration of Russian-speaking women
Sarah Erdman

Bridges Programmes

Education of Bilingual Children in Russian-speaking Communities
Valentina Pentorets

RCS Haven

Public Perception of A8 Migrants
Jan Semotam


Migration and Settlement in Glasgow
Philip Whitham

Glasgow City Council

An early intervention Rights-Based approach to the protection and support of people entering the asylum system in Glasgow
Alan White

Unity Centre