The FAIR approach to data management

Alongside our funders, the European Research Council (ERC), we conduct our research and data management in line with the FAIR principle, which stands for making research data Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable. 

The data collected and generated by the project will eventually be deposited in the Enlighten: Research Data repository, which is the institutional repository for research data of the University of Glasgow. The Enlighten: Research Data repository meets the requirements of our funders, ERC, and our own standards towards open research. 

We anticipate that five types of depositable data will be collected and/or generated over the course of the project:

(1) digital, raw survey data (quantitative and qualitative data);

(2) basic statistical data generated from survey responses;

(3) generated data in form of a typology of remunicipalisation cases (based on survey, secondary data and literature); 

(4) raw, qualitative interview data (recordings/transcripts from semi-structured interviews);

(5) raw, qualitative data from field visits (mainly qualitative data from informal interviews and participant observation)

All data will of course be anonymised before being deposited so that no personal data will be available in the repository in line with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). All personal data that is collected, for example, email addresses of survey or interview participants, will be securely stored and safely destroyed at the end of the project.

Prior to data collection our project was reviewed and approved by the University of Glasgow's College of Social Sciences Research Ethics Committee (approval in March 2019), and approved by the University of Glasgow's Data Protection and Freedom of Information Office. Should you have any concerns or questions about this project, the contact details of the Research Ethics Committee and the Data Protection Office can be found in the link section on the right hand side. The project team have also successfully completed University staff GDPR and Information Security training.