2010/11 events

Reading & Book Launch - Nicol Ljubic: Stillness Of The Sea

Wednesday 15 June 2011, 7pm, Goethe-Institut, 3 Park Circus, Glasgow (free Admission)

Nicol Ljubić will read excerpts (in the original German and the English translation) from his critically acclaimed novel which sets a moving love story against the background of the Yugoslavian conflict of the early 1990s. He will be introduced by the writer and journalist Fiona Rintoul who will also chair the discussion after the reading.

Robert, the narrator of this novel, is a young history student living in Berlin. Born in Germany to Croatian parents, he finds himself confronted with the terrible legacy of the Balkan conflict when he meets Ana, a Serbian student. When Robert decides to travel to The Hague to witness an International Criminal Tribunal on the Former Yugoslavia – a former university professor accused of committing atrocities against Muslim families in Serbia – he is shocked and perplexed by Ana’s response. As the trial unfolds, Robert is getting closer to an understanding of the trauma in Ana’s life.

The English translation of Meeresstille (2010) is published by Vagabond Voices (Stillness of the Sea, translated by Anna Paterson; supported by the Goethe-Institut's Translation Programme).  Books will be on sale at the reading and will be signed by the author.

GHRN & SCIAF Public Seminar: Voices from Colombia’s Internal Armed Conflict

Monday 6 June, 18:00 – 20:00, University of Glasgow, Sir Charles Wilson Building, Room 101

The Colombian internal armed conflict has gone on for more than 4 decades. Despite the lack of media coverage, the ongoing struggle between guerrilla groups, paramilitaries and national armed forces has made Colombia the world leader in internally displaced people, with over 5.2 million forced to flee their homes since 1985.  The conflict has resulted in land grabbing, assassinations, extrajudicial killings, threats, kidnappings and the loss of livelihoods.

Come along to this public seminar to hear from those who are fighting for their right to truth, justice, reparation and non-repetition of abuses. 


  • Monseñor Héctor Fabio Henao (Caritas Colombia)
  • Mrs Mélida Esther Guevara (COCOMOPOCA)
  • Mr Jesús Alberto Castilla (CISCA)

Mgr Henao is a key negotiator between all parties to the conflict.  Mrs Guevara is an Afro-Colombian community leader from the Chocó Department, working to help communities reclaim their lands.  Mr Castilla is a peasant leader fighting for the restitution of land stolen by illegal armed groups in Catatumbo.

This event is free and open to all. Please pass on to anyone who may be interested.

For more information or to reserve your place please contact: mcamburn@sciaf.org.uk


School of Law Seminars 23 - 27 May 2011

Professor Jose Luis Llaquet Deentrambasaguas, Professor of Law at the University of Abat Oliba CEU, Barcelona, will be visiting The University of Glasgow from 23 - 27 May and will present three Seminars during his week long visit.

Each seminar will take place in the Gloag Lecture Theatre, School of Law, 5-9 Stair Building, The Square, University of Glasgow (A19 on the campus map)

  • Monday, 23rd May 3-5pm: ‘Freedom of Religion’
  • Wed, 25th May 3-5pm: ‘Conscientious Objection’
  • Fri, 27th May 3-4pm: ‘Jurisprudence of the ECHR’

A warm welcome is extended to University of Glasgow staff, Glasgow Human Rights Network members and all undergraduate and postgraduate students.

GHRN Seminar - Big Fat Gypsy Discrimination: What Protection Has The Human Rights Legislation Provided To Scottish Gypsy Travellers?

Wednesday May 11, 2011, 5:30pm, Boyd Orr Building Room 506, University of Glasgow

What protection has human rights legislation provided to Scottish Gypsy Travellers, Scotland's most marginalised and discriminated against community this past decade

This presentation will provide the audience with views of a member of the 'settled community' and a member of the Scottish Gypsy Traveller community, both who have experienced first hand what it is to be a Scottish Gypsy Traveller (or to be associated with this community) in the 21st century. It will draw on qualitative and quantitative research from the past decade as well as personal experiences.

Presented by:

  • Iain Shamus McPhee
    Shamus is a Scottish Gypsy Traveller, and is a member of the Scottish Gypsy Traveller Law Reform Coalition (SGLRC). He is a former Secretary of Scottish Gypsy Traveller Law Reform Coalition (2006/2007) and a founder member, as well as a Community member of Scottish Gypsy Travellers and a Translator. Shamus has extensive knowledge of history, language and origins.
  • Ken MacLennan
    Ken has had numerous posts in social work, housing, chief executive service and community development. He has been actively involved in equalities and human rights issues for ten years. Ken has been actively involved for many years with issues relating to Gypsies/Travellers.

 This event is free and open to the public. For more information download the event flyer: 110511 Scottish Gypsy Travellers Rights

GCID/GHRN Lecture - "South Sudan: Creating a New Country Out of Conflict"

Tuesday 10 May 2011, 17.30, Seminar Room 3 (Gannochy), Wolfson Medical School Building


  • Dr Kurt Mills, Senior Lecturer in International Human Rights & Convenor, Glasgow Human Rights Network, University of Glasgow
  • Sara Cowan, Campaigns and Activist Coordinator, Oxfam Scotland

In January, residents of southern Sudan went to the polls to decide whether or not to secede from Sudan. This was the culmination of decades of violence and a few years of relative peace. The vote was overwhelmingly in favour of secession, and South Sudan will become the newest country in the world in July. This discussion will look at the prospects for the new state from regional and geopolitical perspectives as well as the perspectives of people on the ground.

Dr Kurt Mills will provide a brief overview of how we got to this point and comment on the geopolitical import of this development and Sara Cowan of Oxfam Scotland will report on her recent trip to South Sudan and reflect on how people on the ground feel about the tumultuous events currently taking place.

The seminar will be followed by a reception in the Wolfson Atrium.

This event is free and open to the public, but please email gcidadmin@glasgow.ac.uk if you plan to attend.


Lecture on the International Law of Human Trafficking

Tuesday 3 May, 5pm, Alexander Stone Building Lecture Theatre, University Gardens, University of Glasgow

The lecture is being staged by the Equality and Human Rights Commission in association with the Diploma in Legal Practice at the University of Glasgow.

The lecture will be introduced by Baroness Helena Kennedy QC who is the investigating commissioner for the Equality and Human Rights Commission’s current enquiry into human trafficking in Scotland.

The lecture will be delivered by Dr Anne T Gallacher, former special adviser on Human Trafficking to the UN Committee of Human Rights, and currently Technical Director of Asia Regional Trafficking in Persons.

Everyone welcome - if you are interested in coming along please e-mail: Fiona.Macaulay@glasgow.ac.uk