Computational modeling of Complex Materials across the Scales CMCS 2019


The international ECCOMAS Thematic Conference “Computational Modeling of Complex Materials across the Scales (CMCS)” will take place on 1-4 October 2019 in Glasgow, UK.

The objective of CMCS is to elucidate cutting-edge developments in multi-scale computational modelling of complex materials, possessing distinct fine-scale structure and/or exhibiting coupled phenomena. Particular emphasis is on emergent coarse-scale behaviour due to the underlying fine-scale structure. CMCS thus focuses on both the (experimentally informed) modelling of complex fine-scale structural phenomena, and on their upscaling to coarser scales. CMCS will gather scientists from different disciplines working on scale-bridging challenges in complex materials to advance the field significantly. CMCS will foster inspiring and rewarding discussion and will serve as a platform for establishing and nurturing links between researchers.


The format of CMCS consists of invited lectures by experts in the field. In addition, there will be a limited number of contributed poster presentations by emerging young investigators (PhD students in all stages of their PhD programs, postdocs and young researchers, under the age of 35). 


  • Heterogeneous solids and structures
  • Multi-scale modeling methodologies
  • Computational micromechanics
  • Structure-property relations

Scientific/technical areas covered

The topics addressed in this colloquium will include:

  • Space/time computational homogenization
  • Simulation of complex (multiphysics, multi-field) phenomena at the microscale
  • Non-separated scale problems and generalized continua
  • Emergent phenomena
  • Modeling of interfaces
  • Microcracking simulation, advanced algorithms for complex microstructures e.g. arising from experimental imagery
  • Advanced methodologies combining experiments and numerical simulations for of microscale phenomena and their upscaled behavior
  • Efficient computational methodologies to reduce computing times in multiscale computations

Conference flyer

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