Partner organisations

The project consortium has five participating organisations. Four HEIs provide complementary academic and administrative expertise from distinct higher education systems, and the Catalan-based Quality Assurance Agency brings expertise in graduate outcomes and access to institutional networks across Europe.

University of Reading Team

 University of Reading team

Professor Simonetta Longhi

Dr. Sarah Jewell

Team Vrije Universiteit Brussel


Dr Johan Loeck

Team Agencia Per a La Qualitat Del Systema Universitai De Catalunya


Dr Anna Prades Nebot,

Head of Internationalisation and Knowledge Generation Department


Dr Jose Luis  Mateos Gonzalez

Project manager, Internationalisation and Knowledge Generation Department 


Team Universitat Autonoma De Barcelona

Dr Rosario Scandurra

Dr Xavier Rambla


Stepano Fusaro

Dr Stefano Fusaro

University of Glasgow Team

Dr Kristin Hermannsson, (EDP Project manager), Senior Lecturer, Educational Economics School of Education







Dr Dickcon Copsey, Employability Officer, College of Social Science


Ms Emma Smith, Employability Officer, College of Social Science 


 Ms Gail Angus. Careers Manager College of Social Sciences



Dr. Archie Roy


Ms Katie Wright, EU Project Manager, Finance Office Research and other Services


Dr Deirdre Kelly, Research Assistant, School of Education