Internal Access Charges

Structural biology projects

We charge £12,500 per annum, per project for structural biology projects. These costs should be applied for by your project co-ordinator when writing the grant application. These charges include:

  • access charges for all microscopes, as your project requires them
  • access to the sample preparation lab (to cover maintenance and service contracts)
  • basic sample preparation consumables in our prep lab

A structural biology project is one that follows our structure determination pathway from negative stain to cryo-grid screening and high-resolution structure determination.

Non-structural biology projects

Contact us for charges for non-structural biology uses of the microscopes, as these will vary dependent on the scale of the project. Examples of non-structural biology uses we have provided are:

  • viral particle counting
  • liposome morphology measurements

For work that does not need to be done in cryo, the microscopes at the Imaging Technologies facility with the Institute may be more appropriate.