The Pain Project

January 2012 – June 2013

foot stepping on tacksCore members

Additional members

  • Frederique de Vignement (Institute Jean Nicod, Paris)
  • Siri Leknes (Oslo)
  • Jacky Reid, Marion Scott, and Lesley Wiseman‑Orr (Pain and Welfare group, University of Glasgow)


The John Templeton Foundation

The Pain Project was an international, interdisciplinary research project focusing on relations among pain, perception, and emotion, as well as pain in non-human animals. Located in Glasgow, Paris, and Oslo, the Pain Project’s broader project team comprised philosophers of mind and cognitive science, ethicists, neuroscientists, and veterinary scientists.

Involving four workshops and a final conference, the project’s outputs included numerous journal articles, a monograph, a collection edited by Bain, Brady, and Corns, and a special issue of the Review of Philosophy and Psychology, edited by Bain and Brady.

The project operated under the aegis of the Pain and the Nature of Minds programme, run by the University of Notre Dame and funded by the John Templeton Foundation.

Further details are available on the project website.