Cupboard Games

computer game poster: five schematic colourful brains with the outline of an electricity plug cut out of the middle. the brains are drawn from a continuous line creating a maze, and the line comes out of the brain and connects to an electricity plug. below, a big title reads UmweltCupboard Games is a small independent computer games company. Professor Fiona Macpherson is consulting for, and collaborating in research with, the company. The collaboration began in June 2017 and has been aided by a Memorandum of Understanding between Cupboard Games and the University of Glasgow signed in Sepember 2017. In particular, Macpherson is using her expertise on perception, the sensory modalities, and sensory substitution and augmentation to aid the development of 'Umwelt', a game that involves rewiring your brain to have different sensory experiences that allow you to solve different puzzles. A review of the first look at the game is here.