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Extreme Imagination

News and Links

This page contains links to main research output of the Extreme Imagination team, as well as case studies; aphantasia and hyperphantasia covered in mainstream, science and radio news; as well as links to apantasia dn hyperphantasia projects not directly affiliated with the Extreme Imagination team.

Research output

Main publications associated with the Eye's Mind research


Extreme imagination covered on radio and podcasts by researchers, artists and social commentators


Video explanations of extreme imagination research, most of them citing Extreme Imagination team's research

Sci Show - New Insights Into 'The Mind's Eye'

Brain Craft - Aphantasia Explained

TedX - Seeing the World Without a Mind's Eye

Amy Right Meow - Aphantastic Visual Artist

National Post - Aphantasia Explained

Brain Facts - Blind Mind's Eye

Extreme imagination in the news

News articles about the extreme imagination research from around the world

Extreme imagination in science news

Articles about the extreme imagination research from science news magazines around the world

Case studies

Articles taking a deep dive into aphantastic and hyperphantastic individual case studies


Miscellaneous ways to reach extreme imagination research, networks and posts