Glasgow Science Centre Lates

Glasgow Science Centre Lates, 5 May 2017

Once a month, the Glasgow Science Centre hosts an exciting series of adult-only late-night science events. In May, 2017 the evening focused on Sensation and researchers from the CSPE were invited to host an interactive stall to engage and trick the senses of the public.   

CSPE Co-ordinator: Dr Jennifer Corns and Professor Fiona Macpherson
CSPE Researchers: Dr. Derek Brown, Abraham Sapién Córdoba, Professor Fiona Macpherson, Dr. Neil McDonnell

Interactive exhibits

Items on display included:

  • ‘Reverspective’ 3D images with apparently move in unusual ways relative to observers
  • ‘Mirascope’ 3D optical illusion of an object
  • 'Hyperscope' that increases 3D depth perception
  • McGurk effect audiovisual illusion
  • Hollow mask illusion
  • Animated transparencies causing motion illusions
  • Spinning motion aftereffect disc
  • Ambiguous sweets that are both nice and nasty
  • Jelly beans that you taste with your nose
  • Nice and nasty sweets