Floating Seminar: Roots of Research - Methods & Me

Published: 30 August 2011

26.-28.10.2011 (group departing from Sweden) 27.-29.10.2011 (group departing from Finland)

A group of five postgraduates and three staff from CRCEES were invited to take part in the 4th Floating Seminar: Roots of Research – Methods & Me. This seminar was organised by the NordForsk-funded CERES network, The Finnish Graduate Programme for Russian and East European Studies and the Baltic and East European Graduate School. It involved PGRs from across Scandinavia in addition to the CRCEES-sponsored group.

The first day of the event took place at the Aleksanteri Institute, Helsinki (including a keynote address by Professor Terry Cox and panel participation by Dr Jon Oldfield). This was followed by an overnight boat trip to Stockholm which incorporated a series of parallel workshops in which PGRs discussed their methodological work. A final set of parallel workshops and sessions (including panel participation by Dr Francesca Stella) took place at Södertörn University. The ‘floating seminar’ provided PGRs with an excellent opportunity to discuss their research designs and methodologies with fellow PGRs as well as more senior researchers.

The group would like to thank the CERES network and CRCEES for their willingness to support attendance at this event.


First published: 30 August 2011