Graduate Apprenticeship Programme

Established in 2019, the UofG Software Engineering Graduate Apprenticeship, has been developed in collaboration with over 20 employers and extensive international research on best practice workbased learning. We have over 80 Graduate Apprentices on our programme employed across a range of organisations, from household names such as the BBC and Barclays, public sector such as SQA and Public Health Scotland and dynamic tech start ups such as VeryConnect.

This is a fully fledged University of Glasgow School of Computing Science degree programme, resulting in an accredited degree award of equal standing with the existing academic degree offered by the school. There are multiple benefits to employers, who will have the opportunity to grow and shape their talent, and apprentices who will attain a BSc Hons whilst earning a salary and receiving valuable work experience.

The programme is funded by Skills Development Scotland.

You can view our range of employer partners and dig deeper into how the GA works by visiting our dedicated web pages

Whether you are an educator, employer or looking for a new career, for more information contact the GA Liaison Team: and