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MHz to THz Facility:

From On-Wafer Devices to Wireless Systems

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Microwave to Sub-THz Automated Load Pull 

  • On-wafer, waveguide, and connectorized measurements in the 110 GHz to 1.1 THz spectrum.
  • Vertigo automated load-pull setup
  • Compatible with modulated signals and time-domain analysis

mmWave Noise Characterisation

  • Noise Figure and Noise Parameter measurements up to 50 GHz. 
  • Focus noise receiver.
  • Keysight noise receiver/source measurements.

Time-Domain Measurements and Arbitrary Waveform Generation

  • 4-Channel 50 GHz Oscilloscope: Keysight UXR0504A Infiniium UXR-Series
  • Up to 70 GHz Analog Bandwidth Arbitrary Waveform Generation: Keysight M8199A AWG
  • Frequency extenders for mmWave measurements

Cryogenic Device Characterisation

  • Lakeshore probestation, 77k to 400k control
  • 40 GHz 2-port measurements
  • High-power/voltage IV measurements up to 3 kV