Presentation Slides

Presentation Slides

Brexi and the North of England: An Expert Seminar
Friday 24 November 2017, Newcastle

Brexit and the North of England - Mullen
Brexit, UK Auto and Industrial Policy - Bailey‌ ‌

Wales, Devolution and Brexit: An Expert Seminar
Monday 6 November 2017, Cardiff

Wales, Devolution and Brexit - Heald
Brexit Negotiations and Public Services - Marnoch

Ireland and Brexit: What happens next: An Expert Seminar
Wednesday 4 October 2017, Dublin

The Brexit Negotiations- Mullen
The Electricity Sector in Ireland - Wright
Rights of Irish Citizens in the UK After Brexit - Spaventa

Borders, Constitution and Money: An Expert Seminar
Wednesday 21 June 2017, Belfast

Borders, Trade, Constitution and Money - Maher
Brexit and Public Services - Marnoch
East West and North South - Mullen
Constitutional Challenges - Phinnemore 

Negotiating Brexit: An Expert Seminar
Tuesday 25 April 2017, University of Glasgow

The Brexit Negotiations- Mullen
Negotiating Brexit with a Blueprint - Doherty
The Big Divorce Bill - Heald