Timetable of Talks/Events

Thursday 5th May 2011

 10.30am   Registration
Pre-conference presentation
 11.00am   Single Molecule Genome Sequencing Pacific Biosciences
 12 noon    Registration and Lunch
Conference presentations
1.00pm Introduction to the Boyd Orr Centre Dan Haydon
Foot-and-mouth disease
1.10pm Opening Remarks and Chair Paul Hagan
1.20pm Foot-and-mouth disease David Paton
2.00pm Multi-scale modelling of FMDV micro-evolution Marco Morelli
2.20pm Accounting for the antigenic diversity of FMDV Richard Reeve
2.40pm Control of endemic foot-and-mouth disease in Africa Tiziana Lembo
3.00pm Coffee
Complex multi-host systems
3.20pm Introduction to Session and Chair Roman Biek
3.25pm Influenza viruses in humans - still causing (us) problems John McCauley
4.05pm Bovine TB genetics and epidemiology Richard Orton
4.25pm Development of a strategy for risk based surveillance of bovine TB in Scotland Paul Bessell
4.45pm Living in a flukey world - delivering improved control options Diana Williams

5.30pm Reception at Hunterian Art Gallery and Mackintosh House

 7.30pm Evening Meal at Curlers

Friday 6th May 2011

New Approaches to Tropical Infectious Diseases
9.00am Introduction to Session and Chair Sarah Cleaveland
9.05am A tale of three poxes: smallpox eradication, stuttering chains, and the emergence of human monkeypox Jamie Lloyd-Smith
9.45am New tools for malaria vector control Hilary Ranson
10.05am Exploiting ecology and evolution to improve the control of malaria vectors Heather Ferguson
10.25am Rabies Katie Hampson
10.45am Coffee
Biodiversity and Antimicrobial Resistance
11.05am Introduction to Session and Chair Stuart Reid
11.10am Diversity: from antigenic diversity to quantifying diversity Christina Cobbold
11.45am Antimicrobial wars and the resistance movement Alison Mather
12.05am Factors contributing to the persistence of antibiotic resistant bacteria Doug Call
12.25pm  Reverse evolution and antibiotic resistance Nick Colegrave
From Research to Policy
12.45pm Science and Policy Simon Hall
1.00pm Closing remarks Stuart Reid
1.15pm Lunch