Clinical Observership Experiences

Published: 16 February 2021

Participants share their insights and learning

A special AIR session was held during which post-docs who participated in the 2020 round of our Clinical Observership Programme had the opportunity to present their feedback and share their unique experiences with the wider SCMH community. 

Despite being cut short prematurely due to the impact of the Covid19 pandemic, the Programme has proven to be a resounding success. Participants cited a number of benefits from shadowing various medical specialties in clinic, hospital and surgical settings across NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde. 

  • screenshot of a slide Dr Karla Neves shadowed Dr Ninian Lang and Dr Kenneth Mangion in the Cardio-oncology field and stated that she had the opportunity to "visualize and experience the difference between our laboratory-based approaches and the clinical perspectives and strategies"
  • screenshot of a slideDr Rheure Lopes had the opportunity to shadow Vascular Surgeon Mr David Kingsmore in his vascular clinic and in surgery and said "it is important for basic scientists to have a direct contact with patients with cardiovascular disease and how clinicians approach each case."
  • screenshot of a slideDr Olivia Robertson-Gray shadowed Cardiologist Professor Mark Petrie in his Heart Failure clinic, experienced a wide variety of aspects of clinical cardiology and said that the Programme provided her "a foot in the door to clinical research".
  • screenshot of a slideDr Livia de Lucca Camargo had the opportunity to shadow Dr Terry Quinn is his Stroke clinic and expressed very positive feedback about the Observership Programme. 

We express our sincere thanks to all of the presenters in this session and to those who presented back in AIR in December 2020;

  • Dr Laura Dowsett, who shadowed Dr Greg Jones' Diabetes clinic at Gartnavel and
  • Dr Quentin Lachaud, who shadowed Dr Rachel Myle's Arrhythmia clinic at the Royal Infirmary and the QEUH. 

Special thanks go to Dr Sharon Mackin who has been instrumental in managing the practical arrangements on the clinical side. 

The Clinical Observsership Programme is a resounding success and unique output of the Centre of Research Excellence Award. It will continue to offer an innovative approach to developing insight into evidence based medicine. This is with a view to providing participants with a new perspective on their research focus, as well as fostering ideas that may stimulate interest into new translational research projects.

For further information on upcoming rounds of the Clinical Observership Programme and how to apply, please contact Centre Manager, Mrs Karen Trofimova - 

First published: 16 February 2021

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