CVN Summer School 2019 Feedback Session

Published: 7 October 2019

A special feedback session was held for all SCMH staff and students about the CVN Summer School 2019

Image of a summer school feedback session

All SCMH staff and students were invited to attend a Special Feedback Session from the trainees who attended the Vascular Health Summer School 2019 in Montreal, Canada.

This special session took place on Monday 7th October and gave attendees the unique opportunity to hear our trainees' experiences of the week and about new knowledge gained during their time in Canada.

The Summer School in Vascular Health focused on Sex Differences in Heart and Brain Health and provided in-depth teaching on translational and sex-based approaches to vascular diseases as well as knowledge-sharing between trainees and women with lived experience through formal and informal learning sessions. 

Thanks to Dr Lorraine Work's research group who praised the feedback session for being "A fantastic seminar about the CVN summer school held in Montreal. Great insight from all presenting across a range of organs studied with lived experiences bringing it all together + into focus"

Our trainees gave presentations and answered questions at the end - thank you to our presenters and contributors for sharing their valuable experiences:

1) Vessels (Angela Lucas-Herald & Alisha Aman)
2) Lungs (Hannah Morris & Sheon Samjii)
3) Brain (Josie Fullerton & Aisling McFall)
4) Heart (Stephen Dobbin & Alice Main)
5) Patient importance/interactions (Paul Connelly)


First published: 7 October 2019

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