Clinical Trials CoRE

In 2014 the BHF Research Excellence Award enabled us to establish the Clinical Trials CoRE facility, which has since played a vital role in supporting all SCMH staff who are involved in clinical research and clinical studies. 


The facility is available to all SCMH staff involved in clinical research and can provide support for:

  • grant application and clinical trial design
  • costing for trials
  • post-award planning including IRAS applications for REC, R&D approvals, and site set ups.

Portfolio of Clinical Trials

All of our SCMH-based Clincal Trials are featured on a designated page of our main website. Please follow this link to find out more about each trial, the PIs and teams involved and for study results. 

Meet Our Team


Image of Katriona B

The Clinical Trials CoRE facility is led by Clinical Research Manager Dr Katriona Brooksbank who works closely with NHS R&D and the Glasgow Clinical Research Facility to provide excellent research support.

Please get in touch with Katriona for more information on the services available to you.