Get involved in the ARC

What kind of events can be hosted in the ARC?

Underpinning all the plans for the ARC is a commitment to bringing researchers and partners together in a fear-free space to form new ideas and innovate across disciplinary boundaries to address increasingly complex research challenges.

The ARC provides creative and collaborative space and will deliver a programme of activities to help empower everyone in our University community involved in research and innovation, supporting new ideas and creating new opportunities.  Enabling engagement with industry, the public and civic organisations will be a key feature of our activities.

Enabled by purpose-built spaces, the ARC will lead and host a wide range of events and initiatives that will be open to all and inclusive of our external communities and partners. 

We encourage people to come forward with novel ideas with the potential to transform how we collaborate and innovate, within the ARC and beyond.

ARC events and engagement criteriaCollaborationCreativityCareers

The ARC will encourage activities that:

Involve partners outside the university Promote thinking across different disciplines and sectors Foster experiential skills journeys
Prioritise groups underrepresented in research Experiment and take risks Enhance networks
Foster and value long-term relationships Support meaningful co-creation of new ideas Build transferable and emerging leadership skills

Our events and initiatives offer a variety of routes through which you can get involved in the ARC. In this collaborative environment you will be encouraged and supported to engage in conversations that stimulate creative ideas and catalyse culture changing initiatives. By working together ideas will be nurtured and developed, generating outcomes that spark moments of discovery, transform lives, and change the world.