Postgraduate taught 

Mathematics / Applied Mathematics MSc



  • To complete the MSc degree you must undertake a project worth 60 credits. This is a project chosen by you to investigate a challenging mathematical problem, where you will investigate the background to the project; identify relevant mathematical methodology, formulate and implement an appropriate analysis plan, present your work orally and in a dissertation.
  • Your project should demonstrate a clear and explicit grasp and understanding of the foundations and context of the ideas and show your incentive in action, both in terms of a creative framing of the work and the depth and breadth of background investigations. The project will integrate the subject knowledge and generic skills that you will acquire during your Masters.
  • We offer a wide range of projects, and each student is allocated an individual project. We take your preferences into account when we allocate the projects.
  • You will also have the opportunity to propose your own project, subject to academic approval.

Please find below some example projects:

  • Quantum Spin Chains.
  • The Representation Theory of the Symmetric Group.
  • The Steenrod algebra and its dual.
  • Galois theory of commutative rings.
  • Local Frobenius algebras.
  • Leibniz algebras.
  • Monodromy and Isomonodromy: solutions of linear ODEs in the large.
  • Frobenius manifolds.
  • Mathematical modelling of pressure changes in the brain.
  • Reciprocity in number theory.
  • Discrete Integrable equations
  • Cardiovascular flow.

Furthermore for students hoping to continue into research, we have seven major research groups:

Applied Maths research:

Pure Maths research:

Most MSc students choose projects offered by these groups, giving them an opportunity to go on to PhD study. You can find details of our research here.