Postgraduate taught 

Global Markets, Local Creativities (Erasmus Mundus International Master) IntM

What our students say

What our students say

Hans, USA

'To me, the GLOCAL programme was attractive in multiple respects. Aside from being able to study at some of the world’s most premier universities and be surrounded by a diverse, accomplished group of scholars, the programme content is very applicable to a wide variety of professional fields. Similar to most, I’m not exactly sure what I’ll do in the future, but understanding the macroeconomic happenings of the world’s economy along with how individual innovators adapt to and shape their economic surroundings is invaluable. With this skillset, everything from multinational work to entrepreneurship was within reach. Not to mention, it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity!'

Current students, 2020

'Academically speaking, each Consortium Partner University brings their own take on rigor to GLOCAL students. Each University challenged the students by making them stretch to meet their standards in vastly different ways.'

'Those peers who are self-sufficient and see GLOCAL as a ‘platform’ tend to like the challenge of making the most of their two years to achieve things for themselves en route to their degree.'

'The integration of non-EU universities will really make the programme global and improve to include the perspective of the Global South.'

'The programme is characterised by a variety of different forms of learning and assessment, which is a great advantage and very rewarding for the students. It will expose students to be challenged and graded in very different systems, forcing them to adapt and change according to circumstances – a valuable life skill.'