Before you apply

Choose your programme

Choose the programme you wish to study from our A-Z of postgraduate taught degrees.

Check the entry requirements

This includes the:

  • Academic entry requirements 
  • English language requirements (if English is not your first language)

Entry requirements are stated in the 'entry requirements' section of each individual programme webpage.

If you cannot find the information, or you are unclear what the entry requirements are, you can contact the Postgraduate Admissions Team.



Applying if you have not finished your first degree

You can apply for a postgraduate taught programme if you have not yet finished your first degree. 

If you receive an offer, it will be conditional on you finishing your degree at the required grade. 

If you are made a conditional offer, then you should upload your final results (transcript and degree certificate) when you recieve them.



Applying if you need to meet the English language requirements

You can normally apply for a programme if you have not yet met the English language requirements.

If you receive an offer, it will be conditional on you meeting the English language requirements by the date stated on your offer letter.

Please note a few exceptions to the rule where an English test is required at time of application exist. Please check the programme page for details.


Prepare your documents

To apply for a postgraduate taught programme, you need to provide:

  • A copy of your official degree certificate(s) if you have already completed your degree. This should be a scanned copy in colour of the original document.
  • A copy of your official academic transcript(s), showing full details of subjects studied and grades obtained.
  • Official English translations of the certificate(s) and transcript(s) if they are in a language other than English.
  • Reference(s)
  • Evidence of your English language ability if required
  • A copy of the photo page of your passport (non-UK applicants only)
  • Any additional documents listed under 'entry requirements' on the programme page

Please note: a CV or personal statement is generally not required for most programmes. However, there may be some exceptions - please check the entry requirements for your programme on the programme page.


If you cannot provide all the required documents when you apply

We recommend that you provide all the required documents when you apply.

If you do not have all of the documents at this time, then it is still possible to apply. However, you must include in your application:

  • a full current transcript (and an English translation if required)

We may then be able to make you a conditional offer. You can then upload the remaining documents at a later date.

Please note: some programmes require all the listed documents before a decision can be made.