About Education in Museums and Heritage

This is a uniquely innovative and multidisciplinary programme that equips the next generation of museum and heritage professionals with the ability to engage with the various contexts (cultural, economic, political) that they will encounter and which are needed for the 21st Century. The programme includes placements, language learning and a minimum of three mobility periods in Europe.

The EMJM Education in Museums and Heritage Programme (EDUMaH) offers rich opportunities to consider central themes, writings and policies associated with the field of museum education. Students on the programme will explore a range of theoretical perspectives that underpin past, present and evolving practices in museum and heritage education.

To support and extend your thinking, you will also explore museum and heritage sites in-situ and learn from practitioners in the field. You will research and consider the types of educational experiences people have in/through museums and heritage organisations, debating core themes and how they should be experienced so that learning in and through the museum is perceived as a meaningful, authentic and vital pursuit for all.

The programme includes an educational research core that equips students with the knowledge and skills to conduct research projects and to work towards a dissertation in the field of museum education. As part of the Programme you will also undertake a placement in a museum suited to your experience and interests. 

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