Firdavs Badalov (Tajikistan)

Published: 10 February 2017

2015-2017 University of Glasgow and Corvinus University of Budapest

I was fortunate enough to have been granted and benefited from this fascinating 2-year double degree programme (IMRCEES). The uniqueness of the programme chiefly lays on the combination of features the programme offers to its students: active involvement of the world class institutions, leading academicians, and the sophisticated structure and resources.

Developing independent research skills, approaching to the socio-economic, political and security challenges within the post-Communist as well as the global context in a more critical manner were key skills I gained from the programme. Innovative facilities and numerous resources the University of Glasgow provides for its students, keenly motivated academic staff enabled me to enhance both my personal and academic skills. More importantly, aforementioned essential features of the programme, equipped me to analyse and examine my own region, Central Asia, from various perspectives.

It should be noted that undertaking studies would have been much less enjoyable without the programme’s impressive international component. Notably, benefiting from international experience at least in two different countries, expanding the personal network to multinational level, participating in employability events would only boost students’ ability to choose the right career path.

Finally, undertaking my postgraduate studies in one of the top universities in the world would not have been possible to realize without the financial aid provided by the European Union. Therefore, I am eternally grateful to the European Commission, the University of Glasgow, and all involved parties for their invaluable contribution and making this project an outstanding academic quality.

First published: 10 February 2017