This challenging and innovative double degree programme enables students to understand the history of communism and why it collapsed, gaining an informed knowledge of the process of economic and political transformation in the former communist states. To this end, the programme is structured to offer a wide variety of options for advanced study of the region’s shared Communist past and the ways in which this has shaped – and continues to shape – the dynamics of post-Communist and post-Cold War transformation. The geographical area to be treated by this programme therefore spans across the wider post-Communist world, in a region that encompasses Central and Eastern Europe, Russia and the newly independent states of the Caucasus and Central Asia.

The 2-year programme is structured around three predefined mobility periods at three different Consortium Partner Universities across Europe, Russia, and Eurasia. 

N.B. Following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, we regret that many forms of cooperation with our Russian partner university are no longer possible. This is a result of economic sanctions and also decisions by the University of Glasgow and the University of Tartu to sever institutional cooperation with Russian universities as a consequence of the war. This means, unfortunately, that IMCEERES students will not be able to travel to Russia for their third mobility.