Ziying Guo

School of Interdisciplinary Studies, University of Glasgow

Crichton University Campus, Maxwell House Building, Dumfries, DG1 4ZH

Email: 2180869g@student.gla.ac.uk

Research title: Hydrological responses to wetland changes in the Yangtze River Basin

Research Summary

  • Create the wetland dataset with comprehensive classification along the Yangtze River Basin (YRB), to investigate and analyze the past long-term hydrological responses of different types of wetlands to natural and socio-economic driving factors.
  • Reasearch on the driving factors of wetland changes in the YRB, typically focus on the relationship between northward shift of rain belt and wetland changes in the YRB.

  • Make future predictions of YRB wetland changes under climate change scenarios by using hydrological and climate models. To help with the final purpose of wetland change adaptation and mitigation.

Additional Information

I joined the School of Interdisciplinary Studies as PGR in Environmental Sustainability in January 2021. Before joining the University of Glasgow for my PhD study, I have completed my Master’s Degree in Climate Change Sience and Policy from University of Bristol, 2020.