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Research title: Co-evolution of ecosystem services and land-use change in the mountains of Eastern China.

Research Summary

Mountain ecosystems provide goods and services(MES) to a large portion of the global population who lives in/ out of mountains, including fresh water, food, and recreation. But mountain ecosystems, as one of the world's most endangered and sensitive ecosystems, are facing huge changes in land use change(LUC).

I will make an attempt to understand and quantify the co-evolving relationships of MES and LUC in the research area by mapping trends, analyzing the rate of changes, and making trade-offs to define and model the limits of sustainability by understanding the complex dynamics of social-ecological systems. I will try to answer:

1. How have ecosystem services and land use changes evolved over time in the hilly Shandong Penisula, China?

2. How are ecosystem services and land use change interrelated?

3. What are the trade-offs and policy implications for understanding the co-evolution of ecosystem services and land use change in the mountainous landscape of Shandong Penisula, China?


CSC scholarship

Additional Information

Starting in 2021, I am in the second year of my Ph.D. in Environmental Sustainability at the University of Glasgow, UK.

From 2018 to 2021, I graduated with a master's degree in Landscape Architecture and Land Heritage from Politecnico di Milano, Italy.

From 2014 to 2018, I graduated with a bachelor's degree in landscape design in Shandong Agricultural University, China.