Yunbei Ou

  •  Ph.D candidate (Ph.D in Urban Studies)

Address: Urban Big Data Centre, 7 Lilybank Gardens, University of Glasgow, Glasgow, G12 8RZ


Research title: The housing market impacts of building energy efficiency regulation

Research Summary

Current research

My Ph.D research is to study the impact of Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) regulations on housing market in the UK. While EPC is the main tool for the UK government to incentive improvement in building energy efficiency, its effectiveness and limitations need further exploration. Having contributed to about 20% of UK emissions, UK building stocks are called for urgent improvement in its energy efficiency. By applying machine learning/deep learning and spatial-temporal modelling, this research will highlight the use of advanced quantitative methods in the research area. It is expected to provide useful insights for decision-making in improving housing energy efficiency, which aligns with the UK's net zero climate target in the coming decades.


Research group

This project is funded under SGSSS Supervisor-led Steers PhD Studentship (2022-2026). Based in Urban Big Data Center (UBDC), I work closely with Professor Nick BaileyDr. David McArthur and Dr. Qunshan Zhao in this project. 


Research interest

  • Housing and neighborhood
  • Urban resilience and climate change
  • Urban economics and real-estate
  • Machine learning/deep learning
  • Spatial-temporal modelling




Additional Information

Other outputs

  • UKCP18 NetCDF Viewer: an interactive climate information website

    It visualizes climate projections in the UK (three periods from 1990 to 1979; displaying 17 weather variables) and allows for spatial querying in the local authority level. It was developed during my Master's dissertation project (September 2022).