Wridhdhisom Karar


ORCID iDhttps://orcid.org/0000-0003-3246-5040

Research title: Experimental realization of many-body coupling schemes with superconducting quantum hardware

Research Summary

Current Research

Presently working on scaling Quantum Circuits with multiple qubit chips, understanding the interaction between qubits and how it affects scaling.


Other interests

  • Parametric Amplification and feedback experiments
  • Control electronics, FPGA systems


Spring 2022

Demonstrator courses
  • ENG3023 :Electromagnetic Compatibility 3
  • ENG5220 :Real Time Embedded Programming
  • PHYS2001 : Labs

Fall 2022

Demonstrator courses
  • ENG5027 :Digital Signal Processing labs
  • PHYS3001 : Labs

Spring 2023

Demonstrator courses
  • Medical Imaging Labs

Fall 2023

Demonstrator courses
  • ENG1003 : Analog Electronics 1
  • ENG5027 :Digital Signal Processing