Steven Milan Moreno


Research title: Light-sheet microscopy for whole-heart imaging in health and disease

Research Summary

Research Interests

  • Biomedical Sciences

  • Biomedical Applications of Lasers, Beams, and Microscopy Techniques

  • Cardiophotonics

  • Light Sheet Microscopy

  • Image Processing

  • Tissue Clearing Techniques and Applications 

Past Research

  • Development of Post-Processing Program For Selection of Region In Cancer Detecting Flourescent Imaging

    • Illinois Institute of Technology - School of Engineering
  • Reconstruction Of A Kidney Dialysis System For Use In Lab Experimentation

    • Illinois Institute of Technology - School of Engineering
  • Development Of Image Analysis Program For Detection of Obstacles For Use By The Mobile Visually Impaired

    • University of Glasgow - James Watt School of Engineering

Current Research

  • Imaging Cleared Whole and Sliced Murine Heart Samples Using Novel Light Sheet Microscopy Techniques

    • University of Glasgow - School of Physics and Life Sciences

Research Groups

  • Imaging Concepts Group (ICG) - School of Physics and Astronomy

  • School of Physics and Astronomy/ School of Medical, Verteinary, and Life Sciences Interdisciplinary Cardiophotonics Research Group


  • Physics Level 2 Lab Demonstrator 

    • Spring 2022 - Present