Sabreen Saleh A Batarfi



Research title: The Feasibility of Implementing Asset-Based Approaches to Health in Saudi Rural Communities.

Research Summary

Current Research: 

1- The Feasibility of Implementing Asset-based Approach to Health in Saudi Rural Communitites.

Research Interest: 

1- Health care policy

2- Risk management

3- Quality of Patient Care

4- Hospitals Management 



I have a scholarship that is fully funded by Saudi Arabia Ministry of Education


- A faculty member at Saudi Electronic University - Dammam, Saudi Arabia. 

- Contributing to the summer school at University of Glasgow - Dumfries Campus. 

Additional Information

I am from Saudi Arabia. I have a BA in health care and hospitals administration from King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah - Saudi Arabia. I also have a double major master's degree in health administration and leadership from Central Michigan University, Michigan - USA. I have been working as a lecturer at Saudi Electronic University since 2017.  

After finishing my PhD, I will go back to Saudi Arabia to complete wroking as a faculty member in the university for several years. Then, I am planning to transfer my job to the health sector.