Rong He

Research title: Self-presentation of a Ukrainian Refugee Family in Social Media: A Journey of Exploration with Documentary Filmmaking

Research Summary

I am particularly fascinated by documentary research and individual storytelling, especially through the practical exploration of voices marginalized by society—those who are displaced and individuals facing significant life challenges.

My current research focuses on refugee groups, particularly on how they use social media to shape their own stories and identities. Through the exploration of reflexive documentary, I hope to grow alongside the subjects of my films, bringing to light and understanding these important yet overlooked stories.

Additional Information

Selected Works

2024 Documentary, “Where is the Wind Going” 50 minutes

2019 Micro-Film, “The Happiness of the Apple Tree” 19 minutes | National People’s Court, “100 Best” Micro-Film Award of China. Screening at China Court TV.

2018 Documentary, “The Holiday of Qingling Primary School” 40 minutes | Permanently collected by Guangxi Ethnographic Museum of China.

2017 Documentary, “Craftsman of Coffin” 40 minutes | Permanently collected by the China National Museum and Guangxi National Museum. Finalist in Short Film of 10th Hong Kong International Documentary Film Festival / Shortlisted in Documentary of 18th Beijing Student Film Festival / Shortlisted in “One Belt, One Road” International Micro-Documentary of Dehong Film Festival. Screening at Renmin University of China.

2017 Micro-Film, “Different Personality” 14 minutes | Broadcast by Gansu TV of China.