Nikolaos Psochios

Room 574, St. Andrews Building

11 Eldon St, Glasgow G3 6NH

School of Education

University of Glasgow

Research title: The “Other” Antigones: Telling Stories of (Mis)Recognition

Research Summary

This research project explores the subjectification processes of male refugees and asylum seekers who participate in adult education programmes in Greece. The study sets out to investigate this group’s motivations for participation in education and the ways this has influenced their citizenship position within the Greek society, as well as the gendered struggles for recognition through the performances of masculinities. The main methodological approach to this project focuses on accessing the personal stories of refugee and asylum seeking masculinities through a range of creative methods.
This project draws on creative methodologies (narrative and poetry inquiry) to inform a) academia about novel ways of theorising claims for belonging b) policymakers on adult education in Greece/Europe/UK in possible strategies for inclusion through education, and c) most importantly, it provides a platform for the communities to raise concerns about hardships they face when join relevant programmes. This research aims to raise their voices to humanise the representations of male refugees and asulym seekers beyond the existing passive/vulnerable images in society. 


Psochios, N. (2022). Confessing Homoerotic Desire: Power Relations, Moral Injuries and Recognition in the Greek Family. In M. Leontsini (Ed.), Pathways of Gender and Sexuality (pp. 81-104). Gutenberg.          

Zambeta, E., Leontsini, M., Askouni, N., Papadakou, Y., Psochios, N. & Chalari, M., (2016). Addressing
Violence in Schools through Education for Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights Education. Council of Europe.


Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) Doctoral Funding (2021-2025)

Erasmus Mundus Master Scholarship (2019-2021)