Nicola Estrafallaces


Research title: Translating Devotional Texts for Medieval Religious Women

Research Summary

How does gender affect the way medieval religious literature was transmitted and translated? My research answers this question by focusing on The Orcherd of Syon, a Middle English version of Catherine of Siena’s (1347–1380) Dialogo della Divina Provvidenza. In tracing the Latin source’s journey to medieval Britain, my project explores how texts by visionary women travelled across medieval Europe, through which monastic networks, if and how they were modified by scribes, compilers, and medieval readers. I then look at the role of the gendered reader by investigating how the Orcherd-translator adapts his source for a female audience, the Bridgettine nuns at Syon Abbey, and how he modifies the language, organization, and spiritual concerns of Catherine's text.


  • 2020–2024 AHRC DTP Scholarship, Scottish Graduate School for Arts and Humanities.


Upcoming Conferences: 

  • 56th International Congress on Medieval Studies, Medieval Institute at Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, MI (10-15 May 2021). Paper: ‘A Mystic into a Saint: Catherine of Siena from Il Dialogo della Divina Provvidenza to The Orcherd of Syon’; session: Translation and Translation Theory.



  • Medieval English Literature 2 (ENGLANG4042/ENGLANG5102), guest lecture ‘Pearl: Text and Contexts’ (24/11/2020).