Mercedes Burgueño


Work Address:

Graham Kerr Building
Institute of Biodiversity, Animal Health & Comparative Medicine
University of Glasgow | Glasgow | G12 8QQ


Research title: Reciprocal interactions between behaviour and parasites in the sheep-Fasciola system

Research Summary

My research focuses on the relationship between animal behavior and parasite infection, primarily looking at the movement of sheep in Northern Patagonia (Argentina). These sheep, owned by settlers, are allowed to roam freely inside a protected area, the Nahuel Huapi National Park. One of the primary concerns for the settlers is the presence of liver flukes in the area.

The distribution of liver flukes depends on the suitable habitats for their intermediate snail host. When sheep ingest these parasites in large numbers, their overall health and condition can be severely affected. Given the spatial constraints of the snail's habitat, we anticipate significant reciprocal interactions between the sheep's movement, space use, foraging patterns, and the risk of parasite infection.

By understanding these interactions, we aim to provide insights that could be invaluable for livestock management in the area. Additionally, by explicitly modelling interactions between behaviour and parasite infection, we hope to improve our predictive capacity in disease modelling.

Additional Information


  • BSc Biology: Universidad de Buenos Aires (Argentina) (2013 - 2019)