Kerr Smith


Research title: Fault Detection and Protection Management of Superconducting Machine in Cryo-Electric Aircraft using Artificial Intelligence Techniques

Research Summary


I started my undergruate degree at the University of Glasgow in 2018, graduating with a BEng in Aeronautical Engineering, before returning to complete a Masters level postgraduate taught course - Aerospace Engineering & Management - to develop new skills in the field of management and continue to develop my engineering knowledge. From my MSc studies, I graduated with Distinction and moved into postgraduate research. My dissertation projects for BEng and MSc degrees considered end-of-life electric vehicles and optimisation of planetary gearboxes for use in electric aircraft using artificial intelligence techniques, respectively.

Current Research

My current research involves superconducting technology for future electric aircraft. This focuses on superconducting machines, incorporating fault detection methods to intelligently predict and control faults within the system.

Research Group

I am part of the Propulsion, Electrification and Superconductivity group.


I am currently a teaching assistant for Aircraft Design 3.