Jennifer Littlejohn

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MRC/CSO Social and Public Health Sciences Unit
School of Health and Wellbeing
University of Glasgow
Clarice Pears Building
90 Byres Road
G12 8TB

ORCID iD 0000-0002-6512-3090

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Research Summary

Sexual consent is relevant for every sexually active person, however, sexual consent research has largely been conducted with exclusively western university students. While necessary, this is a narrow scope of research compared to a person's sex life and is not generalisable to the wider population of sexually active people. My research will broaden this information by investigating how sexual consent conceptualisation and communication changes and alters throughout the life-course and between certain demographics. Via data from a survey and follow-up interviews with survey participants, the project will explore  participants'  sexual consent experiences and how these are informed by their past sexual history, attitudes and feelings towards sex and sexual wellbeing. 


Marcantonio, T. L., Littlejohn, J., & Willis, M. (In Press). Beyond “yes” or “no”: Understanding the complexity of sexual consent and refusal communication. In J. Laker (Eds.), Advancing Sexual Agency Within Educational Contexts Through Consent Stories. Routledge

Perez, R. B., Turner, B. M., Littlejohn, J., et al. (2023, November 27). Sexuality-Related Measures for Adolescent Population Health Surveys: Scoping Review Protocol. Retrieved from


Littlejohn, J., Bosó Pérez, R. Lewis, R., Mitchell, K., & Willis, M. How Do People Conceptualise and Experience Sexual Consent Across the Life-Course? An Integrative Review. Poster presented at: The International Academy of Sex Research 2022 Conference; 7/07/2022; Reykjavik, Iceland.

Littlejohn, J., Shi, X., Greer, K., Marcantonio, T., Jozkowski, K. N., & Willis, M. (2023). Similarities and differences in how people describe their sexual consent vs. sexual refusal. Presentation at: The International Academy of Sex Research 2023 Conference; 9/08/2023; Montreal, Canada.