Hsiao Chiang Wang

Email: h.wang.10@research.gla.ac.uk

Address: School of Education, College of Social Sciences

St Andrew's Building, 11 Eldon Street, Glasgow, G3 6NH

Website: Hope WebsiteHope and UNESCO RILA

ORCID iDhttps://orcid.org/0000-0003-0487-6512

Research title: Co-creating the Values of World Heritage Sites with Refugees: A World View Perspective

Research Summary

Hsiao-Chiang (Hope) is the holder of the UNESCO RILA PhD Scholarship. Her doctoral research aims to use UNESCO designations as sites of restorative Integration and embodied decoloniality.

Before joining the UNESCO RILA team, she was an experienced officer in the Ministry of Culture, Taiwan, responsible for indigenous community empowerment plans, museum database and website, and digital museum transformation pilot schemes.

She completed an MSc in Museum Studies at the University of Glasgow, conducting the decolonising museum websites project with the Hunterian Museum, Glasgow. She also has a MA in Chinese Literature from National Central University, Taiwan, researching Classical poems in Taiwan. She loves to write classical and contemporary poetry to reflect her thoughts.

Her ongoing PhD project, “Co-creating the Values of World Heritage Sites with Refugees: A World View Perspective,” seeks to broaden the scope of refugee integration and build a multicultural and more inclusive heritage education. She adopts action research as an approach to make real changes in heritage education and bring a positive impact on society. Hope welcomes individuals, museums and the heritage sectors to contact her and discuss this project.

Hope is part of the UNESCO RILA team. In addition, she is a member of the International Council of Museums (ICOM), the Chinese Association of Museums (CAM), and the Association of Critical Heritage Studies (ACHS); she also participates in the International Migration, Integration and Social Cohesion Network (IMISCOE) and Glasgow Refugee Asylum & Migration Network (GRAMNet).

Her long-term goal is to ensure refugees’ right to participate in cultural life and make world heritage sites really become “our” places. 



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Wang, H., “The Late Style of Zhang Meng-Ji’s Poems,” Central University, January 2017, Taiwan.

Book Sections

Wang, H., “The Approach and Strategy of Museums Digital Transformation in Taiwan,” Digital Transformation and Smart Innovation in Museums, Taipei: Artist Magazine, 2022. pp.74-89.

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College Student Research (Awarded by NSC)

Wang, H., “The Body Concepts of Han Yu in his poetry,” College Student Research Achievement, National Science Council (NSC), March 2012. Taipei, Taiwan.

Wang, H., “Yuan Zhen’s style and mood changes in the poetry created during his demotion,” College Student Research Achievement, NSC, March 2011. Taipei, Taiwan.


External supervisors

Matt Rabagliati, the Head of Policy, Research and Communications at the UK National Commission for UNESCO. 


  • Chancellor's Fund Award, University of Glasgow, UK, 2023
  • UNESCO Trail in Scotland Studentship, UNESCO’s UNITWIN and Chairs programme, 2022-25
  • Arts & Humanities Mobility Scholarship, University of Glasgow, UK, 2022
  • International Leadership Scholarship, University of Glasgow, UK, 2021
  • Excellent Student Scholarship, Veterans and Dependents Foundation, Taiwan, 2021
  • Talented Student Scholarship, Hsing Tian Kong Education Foundation, Taiwan, 2012-14
  • College Student Research Scholarship, National Science Council, Taiwan, 2009-12


  • Wang, H., “Shaping Inclusive Heritage Education:  Co-creating the Values of Heart of Neolithic Orkney through Digital Heritage Elicitation,” ICOM International Committee for Education and Cultural Action. (CECA) annual Conference, November 2023, Singapore.

  • Wang, H., “Living City, Living Heritage:  Co-creating the values of Old and New Towns of Edinburgh with New Scots,” ICOM International Committee for Collecting (COMCOL) 13th Conference, October 2023. Taipei, Taiwan.

  • Wang, H.& Lin, Y., “Multicultural Heritage Education: Exploring World-View-Oriented Heritage Education Model of Antonine Wall for New Scots,” The European Conference on Educational Robotics (ECER) 2023 Conference, August 2023. Glasgow, UK.

  • Wang, H., “Overcoming the Taboos of Collaboration: Primary Research Project of Indigenous Museum Value,” ICOFOM Symposium of ICOM General Conference, 26th, August 2022. Prague, Czech. (27th August 2022 presented).
  • Wang, H., “The Ways of Decolonising Museum Websites” Postcolonial Fault-lines Conference, 2022. Glasgow, UK. (10th October 2022 presented).


Associate Tutor (School of Education) in Museum Education & Educaiton in Musuem and Heritage (Erasmus Mundus) since 2023. 



Additional Information

Presentations and Invited Lectures

Keynote Address, Reflection, Action and Connection: Reflection, Action, and Connection: My Culture Trail,” National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan, October 2023 (Invited).

Keynote Address, Reflection, Action and Connection: My Approaches to Cultural Administration, Museums and World Heritage,” National Museum of Taiwan History, Taiwan, September 2022 (Invited).

Keynote Address, Decolonising Museum Websites,” ICOM UK Student and Emerging Professional Working Group, UK, July 2022 (Invited).

Keynote Address, “The Idea and Practice of Culture Policy,” Department of Chinese Literature, National Chung Hsing University, Taiwan, March 2020.